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International expansion presents huge opportunities for payment providers, far beyond what is possible in any single domestic market. Worldwide, e-commerce is worth more than $1.5 trillion per year and growing rapidly. Successful international expansion requires offering shoppers not just the right payment methods and acquiring options, but also the ability to configure them quickly and efficiently. This is what ACI delivers through its global payments network as part of ACI's UP eCommerce Payments solution.

Credit and debit cards currently account for more than 57% of the global e-commerce market but that share is falling as alternative payment methods are expected to grow to 59% of all e-commerce transactions by end of 2017.

With ACI's global network of more than 250 alternative payment methods and card acquirers, which is expanding by four additional connections on average per month, merchants and payments providers have the technical connectivity to reach e-commerce markets in more than 160 countries. And because our entire network is available through a single RESTful open API, integration is simple and time to those markets quicker than ever.

ACI’s UP eCommerce Payments solution offers immediate global coverage in eCommerce through technical connectivity with the most important payment methods and acquirers. These are the key ingredients for a merchant’s and payments payment provider's successful international expansion in a fast growing market.

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Increasing importance of alternative payment methods

Alternative payment methods continue to gain popularity. Just as each country has distinct languages and customs, most also have unique payment methods. Through ACI's extensive network of alternative payment methods, merchants and payments providers are able to offer all the major local payment methods in more than 160 countries. Research shows that offering the top three payment methods in any market, rather than only the top one, can increase merchants’ conversion rates up to 30%.

Alternative payment methods are a necessary element for success in any eCommerce market. ACI gives merchants and payment providers the access and experience to ensure their merchants have the alternative payment methods they need to succeed in eCommerce across the globe.

Global payments through local card acquiring

Global credit card processing currently makes up more than half of all e-commerce sales and is still well entrenched in the lucrative U.S. and U.K. markets. To ensure high conversion rates, payment providers are well advised to consider local card acquiring solutions. Local acquirers, compared to international acquiring networks, are better attuned to domestic regulations, local market conditions, have access to more complete information, often have higher authorization rates in countries like Brazil and India, and frequently have more competitive rates.

Our global payment network connects to more than 200 card acquirers in more than 160 countries and continues to grow. These local acquiring connections help payment providers take their merchants anywhere they want to compete.

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